Digital Orthophoto Quarterquadrangles (DOQQs)

A DOQQ is a digital image of an aerial photograph in which displacements caused by the camera and the terrain have been removed. It combines the image characteristics of a photograph with the geometric qualities of a map.

The State of Ohio is covered by 3084 DOQQs which are based on black and white National Aerial Photography Program (NAPP) photography, most of which was acquired between 1993 and 1999.

The DOQQs in native format (band interleaved by line (BIL), are stored in UTM coordinates, Meters, NAD 83. The DOQQs meet national map accuracy standards for 1:12,000 Scale ( /- 33 feet). Each DOQQ in native format is roughly 45 megabytes.
Distribution & Format
The GIS Service Bureau distributes DOQQs in an enhanced format and not the native format. The enhanced DOQQs have been projected to the Ohio State Plane Coordinate System and are available in Multi-resolution Seamless Image Database (MrSID) image format. MrSID, pronounced mister sid, is an advanced image compression technique which achieves very high compression with minimal image degradation. Each DOQQ in MrSID image format is less than 2 megabytes which is less than 5% of the native file size.

MrSID viewers are available from Lizard Tech.
The enhanced DOQQs for the State of Ohio can be downloaded for free.

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