Ohio COVID-19 GIS Data Portal
OGRIP in collaboration with Ohio EMA have developed a COVID-19 GIS Portal for accessing Geo-spatial datasets and resources pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The portal provides a “one-stop” source for use by state and local governmental agencies, as well as, the general public.

The GEOhio Spatial Information Portal

GEOhio is an Open Data Portal that provides access to more than 40 terabytes of geospatial data maintained by the State of Ohio. Datasets are available to the public for download and have no use restrictions. The Ohio Department of Administrative Services Office of Information Technology provides high performance networks and computing infrastructure for GEOhio providing access to discover, view, and download data and services from State and Local government partners.  

The Ohio Spatial Data Infrastructure (OSDI) consists of framework data themes that align with the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI). As OSDI data sets are developed they are made available for through the OSDI Downloads site and the Map and Data Services site.   



Ohio Spatial Framework Data Downloads     

  • Imagery, LiDAR and Elevation developed through the Ohio Statewide Imagery Program
  • Ohio Location Based Response System Street Centerlines, Site Addresses and ancillary source data maintained by County partners.
  • Historic (c.1998) Digital Ortho Quarter Quad Imagery, Digital Raster Graphics and associated Digital Line Graph features developed in partnership with the US Geological Survey. 

REST Service Endpoints

This page provides access to hosted map service endpoints on our public facing servers. Connection parameters in the form of URLs are provided for each available type of service for both application development and for connection to desktop GIS software.  





Open Spatial Data Portal

State and Local government agencies develop and maintain spatial data that have broad application to other state and local government agencies. Information about these data can be accessed through both the Enterprise Data Discovery site and the Map and Data Services site mentioned above.  With  the Enterprise Data Discover tool users can search for contact information as well as available data based on either an area of interest or keyword search, view available services and metadata, and download data.







Government GIS Resources

This page provides access to the GIS pages of State and Local Government Agency GIS mapping resources and spatial data download applications. To have your site listed on the GeOhio  portal contact: OIT.GIS.Support@das.ohio.gov