Welcome to OGRIP

 The Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program (OGRIP) is an organization whose goals are to encourage the creation of digital geographic data of value to multiple users, foster the ability to easily determine what geographic data exists and foster the ability to easily access and use this data.


Consisting of a 15 member Governor appointed Council, OGRIP is the GIS coordinating body for state and local government. The Department of Administrative Services Office of Information Technology houses the OGRIP Program Office and provides administrative support to the Council. In addition to the Council, there is an OGRIP Forum made up of volunteers who share a common interest in the development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and use of geographic information in Ohio. These volunteers include representatives of several state agencies, local and  regional governments, utilities, universities, private organizations and other interested individuals.


On this site you will find information about OGRIP's GIS initiatives, services, data, events and coordination activities.