Ohio Metadata Server

The OGRIP GeOhio Metatdata Server is being redesigned to provide a comprehensive listing of  data and services available to the GIS user community. Until work on GeOhio is completed we are providing links to access data sets through individual state agencies. In the meantime please feel free to contact OGRIP any metadata questions or requests at gis.support@das.ohio.gov

Metadata, or "data about data," provides information related to digital spatial data set. It typically describes the creator, content, quality, accuracy, format, age, condition, and other pertinent characteristics of a geospatial data set. The intent of metadata is to benefit the creators of the data, as well as the users. Proper knowledge of a digital geospatial dataset’s lineage is critical to generate accurate inferences and conclusions generated from GIS analyses.

Furthermore, it allows for efficient querying of metadata servers enabling access to relevant geospatial data. OGRIP has deployed the Ohio Metadata Explorer to assist GIS users in accessing geospatial metadata and datasets that have been developed and maintained throughout the state of Ohio.  


WEB SERVICES - For the time being Web Map Services including both cached and dynamic basemaps, imagery, transportation and elevation data can best be discovered through visiting the OGRIP Web Services pages at:


Questions regarding accessing or using web services should be directed to: gis.support@das.ohio.gov 

DOWNLOADABLE DATA – Below is a partial listing of available data available for download with a link to additional information or in some cases direct file downloads: 

Ohio Statewide Imagery – The Ohio Statewide Imagery Program (OSIP) is a partnership between State, Local and Federal government agencies to develop high-resolution imagery and elevation data for the State of Ohio to benefit Geographic Information System users at all levels of government. Accurate imagery and elevation data serve as the backbone for the development of additional data sets maintained and accessed by government decision makers and the public.

Ohio Location Based Response System – The Location Based Response System (LBRS) is an OGRIP initiative that establishes partnerships between State and County government for the creation of spatially accurate street centerlines with address ranges and field verified site-specific address locations.

Department of Natural Resources GIMS Metadata pages contain information related to digital geographic data and the ODNR GIMS Program. http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/tabid/15402/default.aspx   

Ohio Department of Transportation GIS Data Downloads - ODOT data downloads that includes  railroads, airports, cities, townships, counties, highways and interstates. Additional data layers may be obtained by contacting ODOT GIS staff directly.

Public Utilities Commission of Ohio - PUCO data that includes downloads for electric and gas utility service areas and telephone utility layers

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency - Data that is available to download from the OEPA.   Layers Include: Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report, Individual NPDES Permits, Beneficial Use Designations, Superior High Quality Waters, Outstanding State Waters,  and Primary Contact Recreation Class "A" Streams.

Ohio Secretary of State – Official Ohio House and Senate District Boundaries

Ohio Department of Education – School District Boundaries and School Buildings.

USGS - Geodata Distribution (c.1998)

   Digital Line Graphs (DLGs)
   Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quadrangles (DOQQs)
   Digital Raster Graphics (DRGs, USGS 7.5’ TOPO maps)
   Digital Elevation Models (10M DEMs)

USDA National Agricultural Inventory Program (NAIP) Imagery - USDA:NRCS:Geospatial Data Gateway

US Department of Census – 2010 Voter District Files

Master Address File – The MAF has been sourced from locally developed data (LBRS and Parcels) to create a standardized listing of address points for use in address matching and geocoding activities. This is a work in progress that is updated as new data is provided to OGRIP from the Counties. http://gis3.oit.ohio.gov/ZIPARCHIVES/temp/MAF/MAF.zip 


In addition to the data listed, OGRIP maintains relationships with each of the state’s 88 County GIS Coordinators with access to locally sourced and maintained spatial data. If you have any need for data that is not listed here or would like to discuss your data requirements please feel free to contact us at: gis.support@das.ohio.gov