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Ohio Statewide Imagery Program

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The Ohio Statewide Imagery Program (OSIP) is a partnership between State, Local and Federal government agencies to develop high-resolution imagery and elevation data for the State of Ohio to benefit Geographic Information System users at all levels of government. Accurate imagery and elevation data serve as the backbone for the development of additional data sets maintained and accessed by government decision makers and the public.


On Tuesday Feb. 4, 2011 the State of Ohio awarded the contract for the continuation of the Ohio Statewide Imagery Program. The OSIP imagery will be acquired beginning in the spring of 2011 and continuing through 2014.


The core imagery product that will be produced through OSIP II will be 1-foot pixel resolution 4-band (RGBN) natural color and color infrared digital aerial imagery that will be made available to local government and the public at no cost. 


In addition to the core imagery product, OSIP provides state and local government agencies with the opportunity to obtain additional product enhancements at significant savings through a Cooperative Purchase Agreement (CPA) with the State. As a result of this program OSIP has negotiated fixed costs for counties to obtain enhanced products.


The acquisition of enhanced products through the CPA is not dependant on the State’s acquisition cycle.


OSIP II Documents

Request for Proposal

Contract Award

Cooperative Purchasing Agreement 

  OSIP I  - This section is specific to the previously completed 2006-2008 OSIP project.


Standard OSIP I products included 1FT Color Orthophotography in GeoTIFF and MrSID format, 2.5FT DEM in ArcInfo GRID and ASCII grid format, and 2M LiDAR postings in LAS format.
Optional OSIP I products included 6IN Color Orthophotography, 2FT and 5FT contours, and 1M Color Infrared photography.

 Project Status

Standard OSIP imagery and elevation products were collected from 2006 - 2008. The state took delivery of  51 northern tier counties in June 2007. The remaining counties were delivered in 2008 & 2009.  
To date 36 of the state’s 88 counties have taken advantage of the OSIP program to obtain enhanced imagery and elevation data through a Cooperative Purchase Agreement (CPA) with the State of Ohio. The CPA benefits the state by providing enhanced resolution products OSIP while saving participating counties an estimated 4.5 million in taxpayer dollars over the cost of obtaining these imagery, LiDAR and elevation products individually. The savings are due in large part to the economy of scale realized through a statewide program and the fact that the state is responsible for the cost of project administration.

Data Distribution

OSIP data is available through several delivery mechanisms. The primary method of delivery is through on-line Map Services, both ArcIMS and WMS. Map Service connection information is available through the metadata for the services and is available from the Ohio Metadata Server by searching for “Live Data and Maps” using the keyword “OSIP”. GIS client applications can connect directly to these services to access terabytes of imagery without the need to download and store the data locally.
Compressed MrSID imagery, LiDAR, and DEM data is available for download on a per county basis with links provided on the Ohio Metadata Server by searching for “Downloadable Data” using the keyword “OSIP” or by visiting the OSIP Data Downloads page.
In addition the 2M LiDAR data in LAS format and derived DEM data is being hosted by the USGS Center for LIDAR Information Coordination and Knowledge (CLICK) site.  
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