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County Profiles

The GIS County Survey is an inventory of county spatial data assets and GIS activities for the State of Ohio. Responses to the survey are voluntarily provided to OGRIP from local government GIS contacts representing the counties.

The purpose of the County Profiles is twofold:

  1. To obtain a complete inventory of spatial assets and activities at the local level.
  2. To create a mechanism for painless updates to this inventory as more counties and municipalities implement and begin to manage GIS programs.

Local government activities must be documented and assets coordinated if the benefits of a comprehensive statewide GIS program are to be realized. This understanding of data capture, updates and maintenance of spatial data will dictate the components of such a program.

In 2002 the OGRIP Council approved the development of a GIS County Profile Survey for the State of Ohio. Phase I of the County Profile survey was provided to local government based on a GIS contact list maintained by OGRIP. The survey is ongoing, with updates posted to the database at the convenience of the Counties. The statewide results of the information gathered detailing local government GIS activities in Ohio are summarized and posted to this website. This compendium of spatial activities and assets will be used to determine the potential economies of scale for data collection efforts and the level of effort required to implement a comprehensive program for Ohio.

Next Steps
Any county wishing to post updates to the survey should contact the OGRIP office at 614.466.4747 to obtain further instructions.

GIS County Profile Results